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The Programme

The Official Suriname Energy, Oil and Gas Summit 2021 will bring together industry leaders, regional government and ministries, NOC’s, NGC’s, regulators, and policy makers to the 3-day virtual summit dedicated to Suriname’s oil and gas sector.

Staatsolie and SEOGS 2021 will enable you and your industry peers to take part in an interactive networking experience, including access to valuable information and market intelligence on a virtual platform dedicated to the industry.

The SEOGS 2021 programme is structured around three key themes:

Day 1: Suriname – Open for Business

Day 2: Sustainable Development of Natural Resources for the Benefit of All   

Day 3: Diversification, Industrialisation and Job Creation

Local Content: Masterclasses (open to all)

Sessions and Topics include:

  • Presidential Opening Address
  • Ministerial Keynote Address´s
  • Establishing Suriname as a Leader in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Operators and Opportunities in the Open Acreage
  • A New Paradigm for Regional Energy Co-operation
  • Managing Public Expectations through Efficient Communication 
  • Positioning Suriname as a High-Quality Asset for IOC’s Energy Transition
  • Technology and Innovation in Oil and Gas
  • The Critical Role of Gas
  • Financing of Infrastructures
  • Staying Green
  • Harnessing Oil and Gas Revenues to Fuel a Green Development Strategy
  • Local Content Policy & Regulation
  • Infrastructure to Support the Oil & Gas Sector
  • Promoting Suriname’s Industrialisation
  • Establishing Gender Diversity Opportunities
  • Local Content Masterclasses


For further details of the SEOGS 2021 programme or to discuss speaking opportunities, please contact:

Géraldine Dufey, Production Manager
[email protected]
Call on: +33 7 62 62 65 37