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28-30 June 2022

Source: BIBIS

The Suriname Energy, Oil & Gas Summit (SEOGS) organized by Staatsolie N.V., took place virtually, from June 1st  to 3rd, 2021. The President of the Republic of Suriname, H.E. Chandrikapersad Santokhi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation, H.E. Albert R. Ramdin and the Minister of Natural Resources, H.E. David Abiamofo participated in this Summit. It is also worth mentioning that more 40 speakers, 400 participants and more 150 companies from all over the world participated in this Summit.
This official Suriname Energy, Oil and Gas Summit 2021 aimed to highlight Suriname's investment opportunities driven by the country's recent discoveries and developments of hydrocarbon resources, enhancing its prospects as one of the potential global leaders in the petroleum industry.
SEOGS 2021 brought together an international gathering of government officials, public sector stakeholders and policy makers with IOCs, NOCs, independent companies, service companies, technology providers and the entire oil, gas and energy value chain. It has been a unique platform where key stakeholders have been able to network and discuss with each other about Suriname's future in the Energy, Oil and Gas sector. After five successful discoveries, Suriname is estimated to contain more than 1.4 billion barrels of oil equivalent. After four Apache discoveries in Block 58 held in a joint venture with Total, Suriname closed this first loop with a fifth Petronas discovery in Block 52 held in a joint venture with ExxonMobil. A great opportunity for Suriname and the NOC Staatsolie to utilize the recently discovered wealth of natural resources, benefit the local population, and generate revenues derived from hydrocarbon discoveries in the country.
Minister Ramdin emphasized that this virtual meeting ground for industry executives, experts, Government stakeholders, national and international entrepreneurs has offered important insights, solutions, and an abundance of networking opportunities. Also, it is an invaluable platform to stimulate investment, growth and prosperity.
Minister Ramdin stressed the importance of networking through the SEOGS platform and providing valuable insight into the region's potential in Energy, Oil and Gas. He also indicated that Suriname and Guyana are on the road to a potentially better future with enormous responsibilities for political leadership.
In today's world where we are interdependent on economic, financial and supply chain flows, sustainable asset development cannot be achieved through national development goals and efforts alone but require cooperation between countries.
According to Minister Ramdin, the Guyana Basin provides a suitable natural environment for promoting and supporting a development political conception to foster strategic and sustainable cooperation as a collective of resource-rich nations that can lead to structural development to ensure peace, economic growth and stability in our sub-region. Therefore, the political leaders of Suriname, Guyana, French Guyana (France), Venezuela (when internal political tensions are resolved there), Brazil, and possibly Colombia should begin to address the specific elements of this Geo-strategic asset-based and Geo-political dominance.
Functional cooperation among countries at the bilateral, regional and multilateral levels is of immense importance. The importance that Suriname attaches to the regional integration process is also a good basis for the realization of national and regional development goals.
Minister Ramdin finally concluded: the strategic partnerships between Guyana and Suriname will play an important role in the promising Suriname-Guyana basin. The inaugural Suriname Energy, Oil & Gas summit has been an important platform for strategic stakeholders and will play an important role in the economic transformation in Suriname and Guyana.