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Physical Edition
28-30 June 2022


BGP, a worldwide leading geophysical solution provider, offers a comprehensive range of leading-edge geophysical products and quality services to the oil and gas industry, with operating footprints scattering over 70 countries and regions, while boasting a customer base in excess of 300 oil & gas companies. BGP has been operating and maintaining a chain of coherent businesses encompassing a wide spectrum of specialized services in onshore/TZ/offshore seismic data acquisition, data processing and interpretation; reservoir geophysics; GME; borehole seismic, micro-seismic, multi-client surveys, unconventional seismic; software R&D; equipment manufacturing; IT services, etc.

Our clients include a diverse range of world-class, independent, national and international, oil and gas companies throughout Europe, the Middle East, North and South America, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region. We provide our clients with efficient and cost effective services, while maintaining the highest quality and standards in our HSEQ performance.