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Torarica Hotel, Paramaribo
28-30 June 2022


Strategic Recruitment Suriname N.V. is an international recruiting and HR services company specialized in both the energy and the non-energy sectors. Stategic, a local brand available in Suriname and in Guyana, is thoroughly motivated to expand further, keeping intact its values and traditions of quality over quantity. Consequently, the consistency in quality standards ensures referrals, and increases our local and international industry reach, expertise and knowledge.

Our tech-savvy recruitment consultancy also provides the necessary mechanisms and qualified personnel for organizations that require Offshore Catering Services. Our catering staff is trained to follow established standard operating procedures in the preparation of food, provision and supply of personnel, supplies, equipment, transportation and housekeeping duties, and to practice and maintain the highest standard possible. Our enthusiasm is not only reserved for our catering in the oil and gas sector but also spills over to our operations onshore.