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Torarica Hotel, Paramaribo
28-30 June 2022


With Nawien Matadien and Reshmie Matadien - Biharie as the founders, Smart ConneXXionZ N.V. started as a small cellphone business on May 5th 2009. Since then, the way they operate and set their priorities have allowed them to continue to invest in the essential needs of their clients. As a result, Smart ConneXXionZ N.V. has grown in a professional manner and has become a crucial player within the electronics industry. 

Thirteen years later, Smart ConneXXionz N.V. is one of Suriname's leading consumer electronics retailer and provider of related services. This is, for example, reflected by the variety and amount of customers that are reached through the  integration of online and fixed-location offerings. Over the years, the focus of Smart ConneXXionZ N.V. has also expanded  into establishing partnerships and providing business-to-business solutions. Throughout the entire company there is the  desire to keep exceeding customer expectation and experience through the provision of qualitative goods and services.