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Torarica Hotel, Paramaribo
28-30 June 2022


NORSA, which is managed by the main company, Tiger Tanks Trinidad, comprises of 9 regional countries: Trinidad,Guyana, Suriname, Peru,Ecuador, Colombia, Panama,Venezuela, French Guiana.

Tiger Tanks Trinidad is located at LABIDCO Industrial Estate La Brea and is a fully registered local company inbusiness since October 2003.

Tiger Tanks Trinidad isan equipment rental and service company, that serves the industrial sectors regionally. Our reliable rental equipment and services spans across the Upstream and Downstream energy sector and beyond.

Our core rental assets include fluid tanks, offshore baskets,containers, cuttings boxes,special carriers, slings and rigging. Our core services range from tank and vessel cleaning, emergency and spill response, waste management and disposal.

At ‘TIGER’ our business philosophy is to provide reliable equipment within a safe and professional culture with a “Make it Happen” attitude.