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Physical Edition
28-30 June 2022


Henk remigrated to Suriname in 1975 as a chemical engineer and started teaching chemistry. Gradually he got involved in the bauxite sector, starting at Grassalco followed by the Bauxite Institute Suriname. 

In 1990 he switched to the private sector, managing N.V. Graniet. Aspiring more independence, he became a consultant to Golden Star, a Canadian company. In 1993 he founded Nana Resources, a company still active in the mining sector. In 2007, together with Guy Simón, he founded FILAB Suriname, which specializes in geochemical and environmental analysis.

As Past President of both the Chamber of Commerce & Industry ánd the Suriname Business Forum he served the interests of the local business community.

Henk is passionate about creating business opportunities for the country and for local entrepreneurs. He considers the development and implementation of Local Content Policy essential for the development of both.

He is married with four children

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