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Physical Edition
28-30 June 2022


Kathleen Moe Soe Let has worked for the state oil company of Suriname, Staatsolie, since 2003. She holds a BSc degree in Mining, post-graduate degree in Petroleum technology, MSc degree in Petroleum Geology and has recently started with her MBA. She started her career as a Reservoir Engineer and had different roles within Staatsolie as Geoscientist & Petroleum Chief Advisor, EOR Program Manager and her current function is Manager Reservoir Management within the Upstream Onshore. Her specific experience is in Reservoir Engineering and production enhancement and improved recovery methods including Polymer Flooding (from pilot testing to commercial expansion in the Tambaredjo heavy oilfield, Suriname). As a member of SPE she has co-authored 9 SPE publications and served in steering and technical roles for the Canada World Heavy Oil Congress.

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