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Paramaribo, Suriname
19-22 June 2023

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Energie Autoriteit Suriname (EAS)

Endorsing Partner
The Energy Authority of Suriname (EAS) is an autonomous institution, established by the Act of March 10, 2016 (State decree 2016 no. 41). The EAS performs supervisory and steering tasks and duties aimed at establishing and promoting optimal availability, affordability and sustainability in the energy sector of Suriname. Furthermore, the EAS derives its duties and powers from various relevant laws and regulations, including the Electricity Act 2016 and derived State Decrees. The activities of the EAS are aimed at regulating, monitoring, informing and advising the energy sector in order for the generation, transmission and distribution of energy-related products and services to be guaranteed in favor of a sustainable social and economic growth and development of Suriname. The EAS started its operations in August 2020 after the appointment of a managing director and is currently fulfilling its duties in accordance with the Electricity Act of 2016.
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