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Paramaribo, Suriname
4-7 June 2024

Staatsolie - SEOGS

Exhibitors Press Release


09 Feb 2024

Who's Who in Suriname Business 2024: A Confluence of Commerce and Collaboration

Who's Who Suriname Hall: Hall 2 Stand: K2

[Paramaribo, February 9, 2024] - ActionINVEST Caribbean Inc. (ACI) and Creative Tech Hub Caribbean (CTHC) proudly unveiled the highly-anticipated second edition of Who's Who in Suriname Business 2024. This collaborative endeavour represents a watershed moment in the portrayal and advancement of Suriname's economic dynamism and cultural synergies on a global platform.


The distinguished ceremony, graced by eminent dignitaries including the Honourable Minister Rishma Kuldipsingh of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship, and Technological Innovation, Suriname; Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation, Albert Ramdin;  H.E. Mr. Virjanand Depoo, Ambassador of France; Ms. Catherine Griffith, Representative of the United States; and Nicolas De Boullaine De LaCoste, Ambassador of France in Suriname and in Guyana and to the CARICOM, along with representatives of the Brazil Embassy, Ambassadors of Venezuela, and Suriname, symbolises the international acclaim and backing garnered by this initiative.


Ms. Anuskha Sonai, Founder and CEO, CTHC articulated the vision behind the publication, with  its mission to foster interconnectedness between Suriname, the Anglophone Caribbean, and the global milieu. Collaborating with Dr. Vishnu Doerga, Chairman, ACI, they embarked on a mission to share the abundant opportunities and cultural heritage of Suriname and the wider Caribbean region, with a particular emphasis on technology and entrepreneurship. To exemplify bilateral cooperation, Dr. Doerga posited that the Who’s Who in Guyana Business Directory, an earlier counterpart extant as of 2019 has evolved to reflect its regional growth trajectory, soon expected of the Who’s Who in Suriname Business publications. Strategic alliances with entities such as SITA and EY have facilitated the demonstration of fiscal incentives and investment prospects, complemented by the inclusion of an investor's blueprint. 


Moreover, the establishment of the SU-GY Chamber of Commerce underscores the commitment to nurturing bilateral collaboration and business expansion between Suriname and Guyana. In light of these recent developments, the new ActionINVEST Suriname office was acquired, expanding ACI’s presence in the region. The new office serves as a hub for innovation and knowledge exchange necessary to sustain meaningful impact on the economic prosperity of Suriname and the wider Caribbean region.


To this end, Honourable Minister Rishma Kuldipsingh lauded the private sector-driven approach, extolling its role in advancing bilateral cooperation and regional integration as evidenced by the success of the inaugural edition released in early 2023. Mr. Preshant Awadhpersad, CEO of ActionINVEST Caribbean Suriname, encapsulated the essence of Suriname's business ethos, emphasising the collective pursuit of success and mutual growth. 


Mr. Rahul Lildhar, CEO of the SU-GY Chamber of Commerce, reflected on the organisation's journey since its inception, celebrating the collaborative spirit that defines its members' success. 


Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation, Albert Ramdin emphasised the region's burgeoning prominence and urged Surinamese companies to seize the opportunities presented by the impending oil economy, aligning with sustainable development objectives outlined in Vision 2060. 


In the wake of global attention on the Caribbean region, Minister Ramdin stated, “...the spotlights are on this region, globally; worldwide. Guyana has its share already. Suriname is getting there.” He highlighted that Suriname is expected to tap into non-traditional sectors by 2026 while oil and gas remains a “strategic asset.” With this, it was shared that Surinamese companies must prepare for the impending economic boom and societal changes. Minister Ramdin advocated for insights to be taken from less prepared counterparts, as deferring action until 2028, when the commencement of commercial oil production is anticipated, would prove belated and disadvantageous. From a public sector perspective, he urged companies to balance oil and gas revenue with sustainable measures, aligning with the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS). He noted that the Caribbean's, especially Suriname’s investor-friendly environment, is rooted in democratic governance, political stability and a robust legal framework, facilitating secure investments. 


The unveiling of Who's Who in Suriname Business 2024 not only commemorates Suriname's economic milestones but also signifies its commitment to international cooperation and sustainable progress. As Suriname continues to carve its niche on the global stage, this publication serves as a beacon of inspiration for business magnates and visionaries alike.


Secure your copy of the Who’s Who in Suriname Business Directory at our headquarters located at Verlengde Gemenelandsweg 95, providing you with immediate access to invaluable insights and connections within Suriname's thriving business landscape. Alternatively, explore the digital version of the directory conveniently available online at 


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