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Paramaribo, Suriname
4-7 June 2024

Staatsolie - SEOGS



Anshala Ramadhin

Anshala Ramadhin

Dean of the College of Logistics and Acting Dean of the College of Technology, Stichting Polytechnic College Suriname
A technically driven Surinamese woman, who strives to have a practicalresearch job (doer-thinker). Taking on challenges is her motivation aswell as taking bold decisions, because she is convinced that everychallenge can be tackled in a result-oriented way. Realizes goalsthrough her good management skills in combination withcommunication skills (both written and verbal), problem-solving thinkingand pioneering commitment. Keeps herself informed about the currentsocial and professional events in the field of education, technique andbusiness management, both at national and international level, andapproaches these events with a critical view.