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Paramaribo, Suriname
19-22 June 2023

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Dr. Anvit Ramlakhan

Dr. Anvit Ramlakhan

CEO, Datasur

Dr. Anvit Ramlakhan is a prolific strong inspiring inclusive young professional leader (33 years old) from Suriname, working in different fields to contribute for the betterment of humanity and Suriname. He is an experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working in the ICT, Education, Youth, Social and Business industries for several years, achieving distinctive results in each of these fields. He is till date the youngest CEO of Datasur, whereby during his leadership the company has grown its customer base threefold, with innovative market-based solutions, new strategic partnerships, increased employee engagement and performance and inspirational leadership. He is also the youngest chairman of the ICT-Association (the association of all the ICT companies in Suriname), through which he has been able to support the sustainable and inclusive development of ICT in Suriname. He has been chairman of VSB Young Management from 2021-2023, where he has helped develop the entrepreneurial spirit, skills and competencies of more than 100 young entrepreneurs and professionals. Furthermore, Anvit contributes to development of the Surinamese youth by lecturing and tutoring at four university study organizations in Suriname on undergraduate and postgraduate levels for over ten years. Due to this he has been the first and youngest inaugurated lector at PTC from Suriname in the field of ICT and Innovation. He has a strong professional background with more than 20 publications and 50 conference keynotes, he has a doctorate (Ph.D. in Management- Information and Technology) from USA with highest honors (magna cum laude), Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Information Management with merit from UK, and an MBA in Strategic Management and Leadership with distinction from UK as well. Anvit believes that irrespective of your status, background, color and sex anyone is able to achieve their own level of aspired success in several fields. The essence in this is to have a strong believe system, be disciplined, have a good plan, positive mindset and attitude, hard work combined with perseverance and willing to learn new skills while taking risks.