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Paramaribo, Suriname
4-7 June 2024

Staatsolie - SEOGS



Jotika Chotkan

Jotika Chotkan

Reservoir Engineer, Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V.

Jotika Chotkan, a Reservoir Engineer at Staatsolie for six years. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Geology in 2012 and later in 2021 earned my Master’s degree in Petroleum Geology, both from the Anton de Kom University. At Staatsolie, I focus on optimizing the oil production and help implementing new strategies that gets the most oil out of our onshore fields. I'm always excited to learn new things and take on new challenges that helps me to grow professionally in my career. Outside work, I enjoy spending time with my loved ones and finding peace in nature.