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Paramaribo, Suriname
4-7 June 2024

Staatsolie - SEOGS



Maureen Badjoeri

Maureen Badjoeri

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Trustbank Amanah

Maureen Badjoeri started her career as lawyer at the Ministry of Justice and Police in the early ‘90s. After a few years she continued her career in the banking industry as Manager of Legal Department, Vice President and since 2004 as Chief Executive Officer of Finatrust, de Trustbank N.V. who has been converted in 2017 as Trustbank Amanah, the 1st full-fledged Islamic Bank in Suriname and the region. She is a Anti Money Laundering Certified Associate and Certified Islamic Banker and has further expanded her knowledge through training, workshops and seminars in various areas including Financial, Compliance, Risk management, Marketing, and Islamic Banking & Finance. As a driven and dynamic person, she has made her mark as one of the influential women in the Islamic Finance scene and achieved the 5th and 3rd place WOMANi award among a group of 500 influential woman in the Islamic Financial World.