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Paramaribo, Suriname
4-7 June 2024

Staatsolie - SEOGS



Nurul Nadia Ezzatty Abu Bakar

Nurul Nadia Ezzatty Abu Bakar

Senior Drilling Engineer, PETRONAS Suriname E&P B.V.

Nurul Nadia Ezzatty Abu Bakar is the Senior Drilling Engineer in charge of the 3 Deepwater Exploration Wells for PSEPBV Drilling Campaign 2023/24. Graduated from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia, Ezzatty has worked on various well type and complexity since the last decade which includes exploration, appraisal, deepwater, HPHT, low cost wells and many more.

In line with PETRONAS’ Cultural Belief “Innovate Now”, she challenged the norms and push the boundaries through the realization of PETRONAS Deepwater Well Design Standardization for Americas Region and Global Contract for LLI. These initiatives indeed involved extensive manhours on well engineering, contracting strategies and contract management. As the saying goes, after every storm there is a rainbow, the standardization program helps to ease the well design to cater for very dynamic well requirements and timeline.