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Paramaribo, Suriname
4-7 June 2024

Staatsolie - SEOGS



Patrice Pawiroredjo

Patrice Pawiroredjo

Independent Energy Consultant


  • Master of Science - Management of Renewable Natural Resources specialization in Fisheries & Aquaculture – Louisiana State University (US)
  • Master of Business in Energy Systems – Delft University of Technology – Netherlands

Experienced professional in:

  • Economic regulation of energy infrastructures,
  • Business development in energy production, transport, storage infrastructures
  • Innovation management
  • Strategy development.

Notable project developments include:

  • Battery storage for large solar farms
  • District heating transport networks from geothermal and waste heat sources
  • CO2 capture from energy and industry sources, transport, storage & utilization
  • Hydrogen production through electrolysis and utilization for transportation fleets

Additional notable experience

  • Member of the Port of Rotterdam Energy & Materials Transition Round Table
  • Member of the Dutch National multi-annual Energy & Climate Infrastructure program
  • Participant in the Hydrogen Mobility Europe demonstration consortium

Current role

  • Strategic & Regulatory Advisor to the Energy Authority Suriname (EAS) for the Electricity Sector Plan (ESP)
  • Consultant for private company in business development