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Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V.

Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V. will be hosting the official and inaugural Suriname Energy, Oil and Gas virtual event this June.

Staatsolie will play a fundamental role in the development of Suriname’s hydrocarbon potential. The NOC intends to develop renewable and sustainable energy resources, as well as contributing to the local economic development through local content strategies.

About us

We are one of the leading companies in our country Suriname, a vertically integrated state-owned company founded in 1980. We explore, drill, produce, refine, market, sell and transport petroleum and products refined from it. We also generate electricity. With the production and supply of energy, we meet the growing energy needs of our society.

Our Business

We are involved in exploration, drilling, production, refining, marketing, sales, and transport of crude and refined products, and the generation of electricity. Our core activities are grouped in an Upstream and a Downstream asset, strongly supported by a variety of corporate services. They all play a part in realizing our vision.

Our Vission

Staatsolie’s Vision 2030 is geared towards a sustainable energy future for Suriname and making a strong contribution to the advancement of our society. This Vision represents the spirit and energy of Staatsolie’s successful history of development, growth and its distinctive value-based performance culture. Eventually we want to become a regional player with a global identity in the energy market.