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Paramaribo, Suriname
19-22 June 2023

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Gain insights and market intelligence from industry leaders in person that you won’t hear anywhere else

SEOGS Strategic Summit to focus on what the future holds for Suriname

The strategic summit will connect government, international energy operators, license holders, project management, technology experts and major infrastructure developers with local Surinamese organisations seeking to best understand how to do business effectively with new partners.


A major 4-day strategic summit, coupled with 2 days of technical & commercial conference steams and a 2-day workshops & roundtables programme, followed by a 1-day Hydrogen programme and youth empowerment festival adds a multitude of content to complement Suriname’s largest trade exhibition and enables hundreds of delegates and thousands of visitors to engage in effective and meaningful dialogue and business together. 





SEOGS is an unrivalled destination to connect with and forge new business opportunities from local, regional and international businesses











  • ... a Suriname/Staatsolie perspective we are aiming to achieve maximum economic benefit of our hydrocarbon resources. We value partnerships with you to achieve the same in mutual benefit.
    Eddy Frankel
  • My greatest experience: Seeing all our Caribbean brothers and sisters together, advocating for better future and sustainable development through our God given natural resources.
    Brigitte Burnett
    Energy Authority of Suriname (EAS)
  • The event was a success in building relationships and interacting on a personal level with potential customers and partners.
    Patrice Pawiroredjo
  • the event was extremely well organized, and the Surinamese people created quite a warm and welcoming atmosphere, which made it easy to communicate our Organization's message and network with delegates.
    Daren Ragoonanan
    National Energy Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago
  • SEOGS is the perfect platform to meet foreign investors and create life long relationships.
    Nikita Drielsma
    Republic Bank N.V.

Sponsors & Partners 2023

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  • Staatsolie


Strategic Partners

  • Digicel
  • Phoenix Development Company


Platinum Sponsors

  • Jumbo Office
  • TotalEnergies


Gold Sponsors

  • Baitali Group
  • EY
  • Finabank
  • Replubic Bank
  • Self Reliance
  • Telesur


Silver Sponsors

  • De Surinaamsche Bank N.V. (DSB)
  • GOw2
  • Mines Services Suriname N.V.


Bronze Sponsors

  • ASCO
  • BGP
  • Bridge Medical Group
  • CCC Group
  • CEAD N.V.
  • D.S. Belcon
  • DUG
  • Hakrinbank
  • Halliburton
  • Port Tembladora
  • Protrade


Associate Sponsors

  • Firebird LNG
  • Port of Nickerie



  • BDO Suriname
  • Beta Group N.V.
  • Classic Controls
  • EAS
  • EBS
  • Fernandes Autohandel N.V.
  • Filab Suriname
  • HEM Suriname
  • Hytorc
  • Indutec Systems N.V.
  • Inproser
  • Interfarm N.V.
  • International Shipping Suriname
  • IRO
  • Jani Detachering N.V.
  • Kersten
  • Local Content Alliance
  • MAS
  • N.V. Guimar
  • OX88
  • PanTerra
  • Paramaribo International Cargo Office
  • PBS Group
  • Prodimex International
  • Radian
  • Ramps Logistics Limited Suriname
  • Sercel
  • Superior Tank and Pipe Group
  • Suralco
  • Surichange Bank
  • Suriname Energy Chamber
  • Tiger Tanks Suriname N.V.
  • Tomahawk N.V.
  • VSB
  • Who´s Who Suriname
  • Zwing Tech BV


Lead Partner

  • VSB


Endorsing Partners

  • AAPG
  • ADEK
  • API
  • Arpel
  • EAS
  • EBS
  • IOGP
  • IRO
  • Suriname Energy Chamber
  • Who´s Who