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Paramaribo, Suriname
4-7 June 2024

Staatsolie - SEOGS













Gain insights and market intelligence from industry leaders in person that you won’t hear anywhere else

SEOGS Executive Summit to focus on the next stage of success


The executive summit brings together 650+ regional ministers of energy and industry, public sector stakeholders, policy makers and thought leaders with international executives from IOCs, NOCs, major contractors, developers and technology providers alongside financial institutions, investors, and business leaders. Expect keynote presentations, high level leadership debates and solution focused conversational style panel discussions delivering cutting edge, agenda setting content and industry insights you won’t hear anywhere else. Themes of this year’s executive summit include upstream, governance, energy capital, energy transition and local content.


The executive summit sets Suriname against a regional and global backdrop, welcomes governments and policy makers and connects them with international energy operators and producers, license holders, major service companies and technology providers, credible investors, and developers across the entire energy value chain in Suriname and the wider region. There is no better place to hear from decision makers, meet with business leaders and understand the next steps in the development of a world class offshore energy sector.

A major 4-day executive summit, coupled with 2 days of technical conference and a 2-day workshops & roundtables programme, followed by a youth empowerment programme adds a multitude of content to complement Suriname’s largest trade exhibition and enables hundreds of delegates and thousands of visitors to engage in effective and meaningful dialogue and business together. 





SUMMIT DAY 1: Tuesday 4 June

Leadership Discussions, Opening Ceremony, Exhibition Inauguration and Cultural Reception

SUMMIT DAY 2: Wednesday 5 June


SUMMIT DAY 3: Thursday 6 June

Governance, Energy Capital and Energy Transition

SUMMIT DAY 4: Friday 7 June

Local Content

SEOGS is an unrivalled destination to connect with and forge new business opportunities from local, regional and international businesses









  • ... a Suriname/Staatsolie perspective we are aiming to achieve maximum economic benefit of our hydrocarbon resources. We value partnerships with you to achieve the same in mutual benefit.
    Eddy Frankel
  • My greatest experience: Seeing all our Caribbean brothers and sisters together, advocating for better future and sustainable development through our God given natural resources.
    Brigitte Burnett
    Energy Authority of Suriname (EAS)
  • The event was a success in building relationships and interacting on a personal level with potential customers and partners.
    Patrice Pawiroredjo
  • the event was extremely well organized, and the Surinamese people created quite a warm and welcoming atmosphere, which made it easy to communicate our Organization's message and network with delegates.
    Daren Ragoonanan
    National Energy Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago
  • SEOGS is the perfect platform to meet foreign investors and create life long relationships.
    Nikita Drielsma
    Republic Bank N.V.

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