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Paramaribo, Suriname
4-7 June 2024

Staatsolie - SEOGS




Support and engage the future generations of oil and gas professionals

This programme was created for freshly graduated and final year university students to help them navigate their career paths, meet with experienced professionals, learn about the available job opportunities, and provide them with the essential tools to get a head start in the industry. 


Highlighting the opportunities in the market

Introducing job opportunities, different fields of engagement, the future of specific job roles, industry updates and future plans and projects to students and young professionals.


Mentoring through inspirational experiences

Professionals in the energy, oil & gas industry sharing valuable information such as best practices, first steps, personal advice, the do´s and don´ts and all the possibilities and paths that will inspire the future generation of professionals.


Providing networking opportunities

A space where companies and institutions in the energy, oil and gas sectors will share their work, available job opportunities and internships, partnerships with universities or training institutes, while students and young professionals will get the opportunity to know potential employers, expand their professional network, distribute their CV´s and gain experience in the interview process.


Gaining insight into the industry

A field trip is an invaluable experience for students to further understand what it means to choose a career in the oil and gas sector.

Institutions  supporting the Youth Empowerment Festival include:



For more information about this initiative and to explore the different opportunities to participate at the Youth Empowerment Festival please contact:

Manuela Perez | Marketing Manager |